Standardised Fuelled4life Recipes

Standardised Fuelled4life Recipes

These standardised recipes have been specifically developed to meet the FBCS Nutrient Criteria.  Ratios of the key ingredients that contribute the most to calories, the saturated fat, sodium and sugar content of the final product are standardised.  These recipes can be altered and personalised to meet your students' tastes and preferences. There are suggestions under the variation section in each recipe and within each recipe there are tips to help you create healthier products.

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Fruit Muffins:  A fruity muffin recipe that children will love.

Healthy Sandwiches:  tips about how to make sandwiches that meet the FBCS Nutrient Criteria.

Macaroni and cheese: a great tasting macaroni and cheese recipe for school students.

Stir fried rice and noodles: an Asian favourite which meets the FBCS Nutrient Criteria.

Pizza base: try this quick and easy pizza dough.

Chicken and Pineapple Pizza: kids can't resist the sweetness of the nutritious pineapple topping on this easy-to-make pizza.

Scones: whether it is sweet or savoury, here is a standardised recipe for scones with details on variations which still meet the FBCS Nutrient Criteria.

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