Spruce up your menu for summer

As we say good-bye to winter and embrace the warmer weather, now is a perfect time to review your school canteen or tuck shop menu.

Spruce up your menu for summer

Providing foods and drinks that look and taste good, are affordable and seasonal, will encourage students to make healthier choices.

Embracing a seasonal menu is a great way for your canteen or tuck shop to add variety, keep up with food trends and generate excitement. There are many ways your business can benefit from seasonal food and drink offerings, for example:

  • Marketing and new business opportunities: Changing the menu with the seasons can be an easy way to attract new customers. Marketing campaigns (e.g. posters, in the school newsletter or social media posts) can help inspire customers to try new options.
  • Maximum quality, reduced food costs: Fruit and vegetables are cheapest and taste the best when they are in season.
  • Opportunity to source locally: You may be able to use seasonal food and produce as an opportunity to increase your use of local suppliers.
  • Staff engagement: Switching your menu on a seasonal basis can not only keep students interested, but also kitchen staff. This gives them an opportunity to try new recipes and use different ingredients.

Ideas to get you started

Looking for seasonal menu inspiration? Fuelled4life has a collection of recipes and resources to help with menu planning. Start by browsing our spring and summer sample menus for school canteens.

Refreshing recipe ideas for warmer days:

  • Vegetable and fruit smoothies

Smoothies are easy to throw together in a blender. Mix up the flavours depending on seasonal availability, for example, green spinach smoothie or banana cauliflower smoothie. Made with vegetables and/or fruit, milk and yoghurt, they’re packed with health-promoting nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamins. Be creative and consider adding oats, nuts/seeds or spices.

  • Salads

There’s nothing more refreshing than a seasonal salad, check out our recipes for beetroot and feta summer salad, pesto pasta chicken salad and bean and rice salad.

  • Sandwiches and rolls

Be sure to offer a selection of fresh sandwiches, rolls, wraps or bagels available on your menu. Healthy fillings include vegetables and lean protein like shredded chicken, roast beef, egg or hummus. Fuelled4life has recently released a poster which compares two sandwich items, encouraging student to choose the best fuel for their bodies. Contact us for a free A3 copy to display at your canteen or tuck shop.

  • Sushi

Sushi is a popular choice among children – it’s light, affordable and easy to pick up and eat. If you’re making your own, include nutritious fillings like avocado and chicken, egg and vegetable or tuna and cucumber. Serve sushi with a side salad or coleslaw for an extra health boost.

  • Yoghurt

A very versatile ingredient and cooling, sweet treat. Offer pottles of yoghurt, frozen yoghurt ice blocks or layer fresh seasonal fruit and yoghurt in cups.

  • Water and plain milk

It’s even more important for students to keep hydrated as the warmer weather approaches. Remember, water and plain milk are the best drink choices for students, so be sure to keep your fridge well stocked and have these options visible at eye-level.


View our full recipe collection for more tasty and seasonal ideas.

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