Put a healthier twist on baked items

Put a healthier twist on baked items

Traditionally, baked items (like muffins, cake and biscuits) are high in saturated fat and sugar, especially when topped with icing. They may be popular choices among children, but are generally not a healthy choice.

There are simple steps you can take to transform baked goods into healthier versions, for example, by modifying the recipe or reducing portion sizes. This doesn't mean they will become Everyday foods, but it will add some nutritional value.


Top tips to put a healthier twist on baked items:

  • Offer savoury options instead of sweet. This is an easy way to include more vegetables and less sugar on your menu. Savoury muffins, scones or vegetable pinwheels always go down a treat.
  • Vegetables make a great addition to sweet baked items too – try pumpkin, courgette, carrot or beetroot for something different. Choose seasonal produce to help keep the cost down. Check out our veggie-packed muffins like zesty courgette or carrot and raisin.
  • Add seasonal fruit because they contain vitamins, minerals and fibre. Banana, apple, dried fruit and canned fruit are cheap and all-year-round options. Fruit is naturally sweet so you can reduce the amount of sugar used in the recipe.
  • In many recipes you can reduce sugar by one-third to a half without affecting texture.
  • Replace white flour with whole grains such as oats, bran or wholemeal flour to boost fibre.
  • Add nuts and seeds which are a great source of healthy fats.
  • Swap the butter for margarine, canola or olive oil.
  • Use herbs and spices - mint, cinnamon, vanilla in place of sugar and salt.
  • Reduce the portion sizes as this will make recipes go further.
  • For packaged food, compare the Nutrition Information Panel of products to choose options lower in energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium. You could also use the online Healthy Food Cruncher to identify healthier options.


Our new Fresh Made Make Sheets can help

Fuelled4life have developed new Fresh Made Make Sheets to visually illustrate how you can make nutritional improvements to popular baked items like muesli bar, cakes and items with icing.


Getting the portion right

When it comes to working out how much food to serve, size really does matter. Portion control is a key factor in preventing weight gain and helping to establish healthy eating habits.

It’s important to get the portion size right if you prepare or provide food for children and young people.

Portion, plate and package sizes have all increased over time. This has made it tricky to know what an appropriate serve or portion size may look like. The Fresh Made Make Sheets will help you visualise the quantities of some ingredients used in foods, commonly chosen by children.


Browse the Fuelled4life recipe collection for more inspiration and baking recipes – sweet and savoury. All our sweet recipes are fruit and/or milk-based.

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