Multi-purpose recipes

Some basic recipes can be used in many ways.

Multi-purpose recipes

It’s a great time-saver if you can make recipes in bulk and then use them in different ways. Here are a few examples of these multi-purpose recipes and how to use them.


Hummus (or other dip recipes)

  • Use as a spread, to replace mayonnaise or peanut butter on a sandwich, wrap or roll.
  • Use as a dip with vegetables, bread/crackers, cheese sticks or fruit.
  • Use as a sauce. Add either some extra water or the liquid from tinned chickpeas (aquafaba) to make it runny and drizzle over.

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  • Pour over spaghetti, pasta or layered in a lasagne.
  • Top a baked potato or toast.
  • Use inside a quesadilla or toastie.
  • Make a Cottage Pie by adding mashed potato.
  • Add chilli beans to make a Chilli Con Carne.
  • While heating Bolognese in a pot, crack and pour some eggs into the mixture without stirring, to make a Baked Egg Pot.
  • Mix some cooked rice and Bolognese, to stuff capsicums.
  • Use as a pizza topping.
  • Bolognese is also great to freeze for later.

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Vegetable medley

  • Take whatever vegetables are in season, cut them into small pieces (and freeze if you’re doing lots) then:
  • Fill bread cases.
  • Add to a stir fry, curry or casserole.
  • Use in frittatas.
  • Add to your tomato sauce while cooking.
  • Add stock to create a soup.
  • Sprinkle over pizzas.

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