Five ways with pumpkin

Five ways with pumpkin

There is something satisfying about tucking into a bowl of pumpkin soup on a cold day.

Pumpkins have been grown for centuries and it is thought they originated in South America. In New Zealand, there are many different varieties available such as squash, buttercup, butternuts, spaghetti squash and kumi kumi. Generally, they have orange flesh which is creamy when cooked. Most varieties of pumpkin can be used interchangeably in recipes or as a substitute for other root vegetables.

Looking for ideas on what to do with pumpkin? Enjoy these top tips and tasty recipes from Fuelled4life. 

1. Homemade pumpkin soup - a winter classic

A bowl of soup makes a nutritious and convenient option for lunch or dinner. Here is a basic recipe for Creamy Vegetable Soup that allows you to use whatever vegetables you find in your fridge or garden. Making a large batch of soup and freezing leftovers means you have a stash of healthy meals on hand for the winter months.

2. Dip or spread

Vegetable-based dips and spreads are a great way to boost veggie intake between meals. This tasty Pumpkin Dip combines cooked pumpkin, yoghurt, garlic and herbs. It’s perfect for dipping fresh vegetable sticks, or, as a spread on whole grain crackers or sandwiches.

3. Warming risotto

Here’s another hearty dish that both children and adults will enjoy. The trick to this Pumpkin Risotto is to add stock regularly while stirring continuously (kids may like to help out with this step!).

4. Something sweet

In some countries, pumpkin is a popular ingredient in sweet desserts like pie or cake. These Cinnamon Pin-wheels are a delicious sweet treat and have a healthy twist – they’re lower in saturated fat, use wholemeal flour and of course, include mashed pumpkin!

5. Fill the freezer

Stock up your freezer with frozen pumpkin pieces to use in any of the recipes above. Read our blog on how to freeze vegetables for handy tips and tricks.


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