Five ways with asparagus

Five ways with asparagus

When you see fresh asparagus for sale, it can only mean one thing – spring has sprung!

Did you know, asparagus is part of the lily family and a distant cousin of the onion? It is a perennial vegetable (like artichoke and rhubarb) that takes 3 years to get from seed to harvest, but can keep producing for 15 years.

Come spring time, we have a short window to enjoy delicious fresh asparagus, but luckily we can still find the canned variety year-round. When using canned asparagus, look for one lower in sodium (salt), drain and rinse the asparagus before use. Click here for tips on how to read food labels.


Looking for ideas on what to do with asparagus? Enjoy these top tips and tasty recipes from Fuelled4life. 

1. Asparagus rolls

You can use a variety of spreads, including skordalia, hummus or carrot dip to wrap an asparagus spear in a slice of whole grain or wholemeal bread.

2. Asparagus and strawberry salad

Create a spring salad with asparagus, strawberries, avocado and spinach leaves. You could experiment by using shaved asparagus (using a vege peeler to create ribbons).

3. Barbeque

As the weather warms up, barbeque a variety of vegetables to add a lovely flavour without extra ingredients.

4. Include in a frittata or tart

Asparagus goes well with other veges in egg dishes such as frittatas and tarts. This is also a great way to use leftover barbequed veges.

5. On a pizza

Add asparagus to your next pizza. Perhaps with caramelised onion or ricotta cheese.


Visit to read more on how to store, prepare and cook asparagus.

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