Corn on the cob

Corn doesn’t just have to be a dinnertime food. Try corn on the cob as a quick and easy snack, or even breakfast on the go.

Corn on the cob


1. Cut or tear off all but one layer of corn husk (leaves) and all of the corn silk (threads).
2. With the layer of corn husk wrapped over the corn, microwave on high. Cook for around 2½ to 3 minutes per cob (depending on the wattage of your microwave).
3. Stand for 5 minutes to allow the corn to be cool enough to touch.
4. Peel the remaining husk leave down and use these as a handle to hold the stalk end of the cob as you eat it.

You can freeze corn cobs once you’ve removed the silk. They can then easily go from freezer to cooked.

The sweetcorn we eat fresh isn’t the same as what’s used to make popcorn. If you want to have a go at growing corn, you have to choose either an eating variety or a popping variety.


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