Great tasting recipes that can be made for Early Childhood Education services, schools and at home.

  • An image showing Mild Lamb Curry

    Mild Lamb Curry

    Here's a great curry recipe to introduce children to some new flavours. Leftovers (if there are any) can easily... More

  • An image showing Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pin-wheels

    Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pin-wheels

    The pumpkin will help these pinwheels keep for longer and contributes a subtle flavour. The most difficult thing... More

  • An image showing Falafel


    This versatile mix can be kept frozen for a quick snack or meal option. More

  • An image showing Chicken and Corn Soup

    Chicken and Corn Soup

    A deliciously simple and easy soup for any occasion that will be enjoyed by all. More

  • An image showing Baked Filo Samosa

    Baked Filo Samosa

    A healthier version of the traditional Samosa. A bit of spice and the crunch of filo - delicious! More

  • An image showing Coriander Wraps

    Coriander Wraps

    A light and refreshing wrap, that's a healthy alternative to a spring roll. Quick and easy to make too. More

  • An image showing Frozen fruit slushies

    Frozen fruit slushies

    These slushies are a cross between a drink and a dessert, children will love them and they're easy to... More

  • An image showing Corn on the cob

    Corn on the cob

    Corn doesn’t just have to be a dinnertime food. Try corn on the cob as a quick and easy snack, or even... More

  • An image showing Beef and Lentil Bolognese

    Beef and Lentil Bolognese

    This is a classic bolognese recipe which is well known throughout New Zealand. However lentils have been added to... More

  • An image showing Dumplings


    An Asian-inspired addition to your lunchboxes. More