Great tasting recipes that can be made for Early Learning services, schools and at home.

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  • Kamokamo Fritters

    Kamokamo Fritters

    Kamokamo (or kumi kumi) are a type of squash, kind of like a marrow with a touch of pumpkin. It has quite... More

  • Cottage Pie

    Cottage Pie

    A hearty and healthy pie that will be sure to warm you up. More

  • Potato and Tuna Patties

    Potato and Tuna Patties

    So versatile, these patties are great in a burger, on their own or in a lunchbox. More

  • Vegetable Curry

    Vegetable Curry

    An easy way to spice up your veges. More

  • Vegetable Scones

    Vegetable Scones

    All of the flavours in these scones means you don't even need to top them with anything! More

  • Basic Scone

    Basic Scone

    This is a great basic recipe for school canteens and early learning services - add vegetables and fruit as desired. More

  • Stir Fried Rice

    Stir Fried Rice

    A popular hot meal item for school canteens. More

  • Steamed Buns

    Steamed Buns

    Lunch box ideas featuring these authentic delights! More

  • Egg and Shallot Pancakes

    Egg and Shallot Pancakes

    Savoury pancakes are a great alternative to sandwiches! More

  • Korean Noodles

    Korean Noodles

    Left over noddles are great for lunch boxes the next day. More