Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes

When planning your child’s meals it’s important to remember it’s what your child eats over the whole day that is important – not just in one sitting – so look at all meals and snacks together.

  • Vegetables and Fruit: While vegetables and fruit are important they can often be a tough sell in a lunchbox so try cutting them into manageable pieces, e.g. carrot, cucumber or celery sticks, and fruit salad.  Also it’s a great idea to add them to a sandwich filing or mixing them in cooked dishes, such as pasta, rice and noodles. 
  • Grain foods:  Aim to include whole grains every day, for example choose wholegrain bread for sandwiches, and whole grain crackers or cereals for snacks. Try switching to more grainy bread over time.
  • Milk and milk products:  Foods high in calcium are important for growing kids so cheese slices, yoghurt or smoothies are great snacks in lunch boxes.
  • Legumes, nuts, seeds, fish and other seafood, eggs, poultry and/or red meat with the fat removed : Protein-rich foods provide key nutrients for kids.  You can also make high protein sandwich fillings such as peanut butter, chicken, tuna, eggs, baked beans or roast beef.

Tip: Keep foods like meat and dairy cool by packing a bottle of frozen water in the lunch box.

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