Creative ideas to celebrate Tokelauan Language Week

Creative ideas to celebrate Tokelauan Language Week

Tokelauan Language Week ran from 23 - 29 October 2017. Matiti Tokelau Akoga Kamata is a Tokelauan language nest in Naenae in Lower Hutt. Every day during language week, children were involved with Tokelauan cultural activities including cooking, sharing meals with the community and making Tokelauan crafts. Children practised using kahalo, which is a scraper for coconut. By taking food to the Year 1 class at the neighbouring school, children learned about the concept of “inati” which recognises the importance of sharing.

Matiti Tokelau have shared with us two rice recipes; Alaiha tuki tuki and Tupelepele. One uses mature coconut and the other uses fresh coconut. The rice goes well with fish and vegetables. It looks lovely and tastes nicer served in a coconut bowl.


Alaiha tuki tuki

3 cups short grain rice, freshly cooked

1 - 2 mature coconuts, flesh grated

  • Stir the grated coconut through the rice.
  • Serve with fish and colourful vegetables.



3 cups short grain rice

3 - 4 young coconuts

  • Wash the rice.
  • Pour the coconut juice into a measuring cup. If it is less than 3 cups, top up with water and add to the rice.
  • Grate the young coconut flesh and add to the rice.
  • Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring to keep it from sticking.
  • If rice is still quite firm when bitten, add water bit by bit.
  • When the rice is cooked, it should be softer than steamed rice but not as soft as rice pudding.
  • Serve with fish and colourful vegetables.


Tip: Try both these recipes with brown rice to boost the fibre.