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Who is Scots College?

Who is Scots College?

Scots College believes it is important to offer a balanced nutritious diet for its students, staff and visitors to the College.

Scots College is a world-class independent Presbyterian day and boarding school for boys Years 1-10 and co-educational Years 11-13 in Wellington. Both the Tuck Shop and Dining Hall, known as Chartres Hall, are proud to have committed to offer fresh made meals that meet the Fuelled4life guidelines and support its students and staff in getting the best balanced diet that will help them not only in meeting their educational needs but their sporting needs also. Chartres Hall caters for the over 100 boarding students who live on site and provides lunch for around another 50 more day students in Years 7 to 13.

Scots College has a diverse range of cultures and many International Students living in the boarding house. This is reflected in their menus which offer the broadest range of cuisines possible over the term and celebrate the special dates and events that fall in between.

A typical day in Chartres Hall would start with a full continental breakfast: fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, smoothies, seeded or wholemeal toast breads, a variety of different muesli and cereals, as well as scrambled and poached eggs which are always a favourite. For lunch there is a daily sandwich and salad bar with a selection of lean meats, all roasted and sliced onsite, with pitas and wraps to choose from and then two hot dishes, for example, vegetable stir fry rice or a slow cooked coconut & tamarind pork curry. In the evening a selection of lean meats like grilled fish or marinated chicken thigh are available accompanied with vegetables, salads and a carbohydrate for example roasted root vegetables or brown rice. The selection changes daily and is always seasonal and fresh. Every meal includes a selection of fruit to choose from.

The College Tuck shop meets the fuelled4life guidelines through the fresh counter food that is produced each day as well as a daily special provided straight from Chartres Kitchen. All drinks sold in the tuckshop are low or sugar free and fresh fruit salads are available daily. In addition all over the counter sales packaging uses 100% recyclable biodegradable containers.