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What is Alliance Catering?

What is Alliance Catering?

Alliance Catering provide all of the internal  and external catering at Woodford House in Havelock North. They are a committed company that offer an exceptional food service for adolesent girls aged from year 7 to 13.

Alliance Catering at Woodford House have been working hard with the Heart Foundation to get their menus to meet the Fuelled4life criteria. As a regsitered Fresh Made company they will continue to work with the support of the Heart Foundation to make continious improvements moving forward.

Alliance Catering at Woodford House have also been working on improvements in Health and Wellbeing throughout the school and are  very  proud to have just received the Heart Schools award for the commitment to providing their pupils with healthy and nutrious food to fuel them for life.

Alliance Catering at Woodford House provide healthy and nutritious meals for all day girls and boarding students, producing close to 600 meals a day. The catering staff are all passionate and committed and have seen a real change in the eating culture at Woodford House over the last year.