Fresh Made

Fuelled4life Fresh Made supports food suppliers and school canteens to make the food from online lunch programmes healthier.

Fresh Made

Why is it needed?

Many school children consume foods freshly made by school canteens or external food suppliers. Over the last few years, many schools have started to use online lunch programmes where the meals are provided by local food suppliers, such as bakeries, cafes and takeaways. Ordering school lunches online is fast becoming the new normal for many New Zealand families. Fuelled4life Fresh Made supports food suppliers and school canteens to make these fresh-made foods healthier.


How does it work?

Fresh Made offers individualised nutritional support and advice to food preparers to help them make healthier foods. Food suppliers, school canteens or boarding school caterers submit their menus and recipes for assessment. The recipes are analysed using a nutritional programme and assessed based on the Ministry of Health's Food & Beverage Classification System (FBCS) Nutrient Criteria and Fresh Made Checklists. Tailored nutritional advice on reformulation is provided if an item doesn't meet the criteria.  To find out more about the menu requirements, please contact us


Benefits to food suppliers

• Meet the growing demand for healthier freshly made foods
• Lunch providers are able to advertise that they are Fuelled4life registered and use the Fuelled4life/ Heart Foundation logo on marketing material
• Marketing exposure to 2500 schools through the Heart Foundation school network
• Gain market advantage through targeted advertising opportunities of Fuelled4life

Benefits to schools

• Contribute to the health of children by providing healthier freshly made foods which will improve children’s attendance, behaviour and performance
• Demonstrate to parents that the school is taking responsibility for children’s education,  their health and wellbeing
• Create a supportive environment to help children develop a natural taste preference for healthy foods from early life

Fuelled4life Fresh Made provides the following resources to assist lunch providers to achieve registration and create healthier foods that meet FBCS criteria:




How do I register as a food supplier?

If you are a food supplier and would like to register with Fuelled4life Fresh Made, please contact the team, 09 526 8550 or below

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Can we make our own Fresh Made foods?

If you are a school canteen or boarding school kitchen and would like more information on providing healthier food or you're interested in registering with Fuelled4life Fresh Made - ring us 09 526 8550 or

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