Many school communities are already aware of the important links between food, health and learning and are taking steps to improve their food and nutrition environments.


Making healthy foods and drinks readily available within the school environment will encourage students to make healthy choices and will significantly contribute to improved nutrition in children and young people. Consuming healthy foods and drinks every day not only improves students’ overall health but can also improve their concentration, behavior and opportunity to learn.  With NZ children eating approximately one third of their daily calories at school, promoting healthy eating at school is very important.

Do you have a school canteen or school food service?

The school canteen plays an important role. It enables children and young people to act on the healthy eating messages learned in the classroom by selecting from food and drink choices that are healthy, look and taste good, and are affordable – a great way to encourage healthy eating habits. The canteen is one of the best places to role model healthy eating habits.

Fuelled4life provides a range of specific resources and support specific for school canteens/tuck shops or school food service:


Do you have a lunch order system?

Lunch orders systems are fast becoming a popular way of providing food for many schools.  We understand it is sometimes hard for schools to make sure the food they are providing via these systems is healthy – so we are here to help!

We offer individualized nutritional support and advice for food preparers and also support around the school setting up a lunch order system.


Are you a lunch box only school?

Even if you are not providing food within your school there are a lot of benefits for you in Fuelled4life.

We offer a range of resources to help parents with lunch boxes and family meals.  Or you can use our recipes to assist with cooking with the children, and the Fuelled4life Canteen Catering Guide is useful of events, schools camps and fundraising.

What else does the Heart Foundation offer for schools?

Your school can participate in any one of our programmes or initiatives:

Heart Start - this programme helps schools who are looking to make some basic changes to the healthy eating and physical activity environment at their school. Schools choose five modules out of a possible twelve to complete, to fit in with their needs and workload.

Heart Start Excellence - this programme is for schools who want to build on the work they are already doing to improve healthy eating and physical activity in their schools.

Heart Schools - for schools that are doing great work around a healthy eating and/or physical activity initative at their school - but don’t want to commit to a programme.

Food for Thought - the Heart Foundation is also proud to deliver the Foodstuffs nutrition education programme to years 5 and 6 students.


How does Fuelled4life fit in with these programmes?

Being signed up to Fuelled4life makes it even easier to achieve Heart Start and Heart Start Excellence. Using our recipes and resources can help you complete the Fuelled4life module in each award.


Why take part in our awards?

Your school will benefit from:

  • Support to meet your NAG 5 and nutrition education in the curriculum requirements for the MOE
  • Report on your positive changes in your next ERO report
  • Improved attention, wellbeing and academic outcomes for your students
  • One-on-one support from the Health Promotion Co-ordinator in your region
  • Quality tools and resources
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Help with engaging and consulting with your school community, a legal requirement for schools
  • Acknowledgement from a credible organisation and potential publicity for your school
  • Our programmes are linked with the school curriculum

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