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Why healthy eating in early childhood education services?

Eating healthy food in early childhood has an effect on children’s growth, behaviour and health. Children get their energy for activity, growth and development from the foods and drinks they eat. Since babies, toddlers and young children can only eat what they are given, the responsibility lies with all carers, including those at the ECE service, to ensure that what children are given meets their nutritional needs.
Many children spend all day at the centre, so it is important that the food provided is nutritionally adequate. Early childhood is also a time when lifelong eating habits are being formed. Early childhood education services can play an important role in creating a culture of healthy eating and in helping children to develop the healthy food behaviours that will support them to grow into healthy adults.

Healthy Heart Award

As well as using all of the resources, recipes and tips available on this website, your ECE service can also participate in the Healthy Heart Award.
We offer one on one support from our on-the-ground team, access to helpful resources, the opportunity to attend professional development workshops, and promotion and marketing tools for your ECE service.

What is the Healthy Heart Award?

The Healthy Heart Award provides guidance and structure for you to create an environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. It can help you address food and physical activity issues that teachers and staff are finding challenging, and it can also inspire and spark enthusiasm.

The Healthy Heart Award has three different levels and works like a bronze, silver, gold system. You can start at whichever level you like. Each level has four strands and once you have completed all four strands you will be awarded and become a Healthy Heart Award ECE service.

Being registered with Fuelled4life makes it even easier to achieve a Healthy Heart Award. Using our recipes and resources can help you complete the Food Provision strand of the award.


Why take part in the Healthy Heart Award?


Participating ECE services will benefit from:
• one on one support from our on-the-ground team
• access to helpful resources
• professional development workshops
• promotion and marketing tools for your ECE service.

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